Starlite Terrace


Once you've arrived on the Starlite Terrace, it's time to select your musical atmosphere to enhance your experience under the stars. Diapason was invited by Centropolis to concoct playlists* with varied atmospheres. You can hum well-known earworms or discover a panoply of artists.

*The playlists can be listened to from your personal mobile device. Chargers will be available on site.

« Ce soir l'amour est dans tes yeux »

- Martine St-Claire

Declare your love and dare romance.


« C'est bon pour le moral »

- La Compagnie Créole

Show off your best dance moves.


« T'es tu ben dans ton coton ouaté ? »

- Bleu Jeans Bleu

Hum your favorite songs.


« On a mis quelqu'un au monde, on devrait peut-être l'écouter »

- Harmonium

Go on an adventure and make new discoveries.

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